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Contract Gardening Services - Chester

Iain Roberts Contract Gardening Services - Chester

Hi, I’m Iain ‘Robbo’ Roberts

Your local, experienced contract gardener in Chester.

Iain is your friendly, local contract gardener, serving Chester, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Known locally as ‘Robbo’, Iain is recognised for his charismatic personality, as well as his passion for all things gardening.

Iain is an enthusiastic, experienced gardener, who is not only knowledgeable, but also dedicated to his beloved gardens of Cheshire.

Whatever the job, Iain has the tools and equipment, as well as the stamina and muscle you need to get the job done!

Customer service is at the heart of what he does, along with the pride he takes in his work.

If you are looking for value for money, as well as a satisfying and immaculately maintained garden, call Iain!

You won’t be disappointed!

Contract Gardener in Chester


Iain has over 20 years experience of providing garden maintenance and management services.

Undeniably, Iain’s main passion is in helping Cheshire country garden landowners achieve a garden aesthetic to be proud of.

Chester-Gardens has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings. Starting with just good word of mouth about the quality of his work, Iain’s reputation grew.

As a result, his portfolio expanded into larger contract projects, and becoming one of Chester’s most sought after contract gardeners. 


Understandably, when managing large estate grounds, customer service, understanding and reliability is key.

As such, Iain is well versed with this kind of work, and holds close working relationships with estate managers and property owners alike.

Naturally, Iain provides the most professional tools and equipment of the trade.

Of course, he also prioritises their care and maintenance to ensure that they are always in optimal working order, and ready to handle any project.

Without doubt, his hard work and expertise has lead him to become one of Chester’s most sought after gardeners.


Iain is dedicated to making sure each lawn, bush and tree looks as spectacular as nature intended it to.

As well as being a highly knowledgeable gardener, Iain is trustworthy, professional and really cares for each individual garden. 

Most importantly, customer service is at the heart of Iain’s services.

Your garden is your joy, and it is Iain’s pleasure to maintain that space and ensure it looks glorious year round for you to enjoy!

Contract Gardener in Chester

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Iain hopes you enjoy his Chester-Gardens website and feel encouraged to contact him.

Simply fill in the contact form, or call to speak to Iain directly.


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Iain Roberts Contract Gardening Services - Chester