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Contract Gardening Services - Chester

Iain Roberts Contract Gardening Services - Chester

Gardening Services in Chester

Every garden can benefit from having regular maintenance, with the best gardens being serviced by Iain Roberts gardening services in Chester.

Obviously, hiring a regular gardener means that your outdoor space can get the attention it deserves.

And ideally, by a professional who knows your garden well, and understands it’s needs, and your preferences.

As well as having the professional tools for the job, along with the knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

This is what Iain does best.

Of course it also means that you can sit back, let someone else do that hard work, and enjoy the result!

Iain offers a range of services to residential and commercial customers, which are available either as regular contract work, or as a single service.

Some are listed below. But, if you have a service in mind that isn’t listed, or are ready for a quote, feel free to get in touch.

Gardening Services in Chester

Gardening Service List

Gardening Services in Chester

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester



Iain is a skilled hedge cutter, priding himself on his quality craftsmanship as a highly specialised hedge trimming contractor.

Not only will he cut beautiful looking hedges, but he offers this at a refreshingly affordable rate.

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester

Lawn Care


Most importantly, regular maintenance is the best way to care for a lawn, and particularly over spring and summer.

Iain has a natural willingness and enthusiasm to keep your garden neat and tidy year round.

Also, he is keen to regularly mow, knowing that this keeps your lawn in good health. 

Gardening Services in Chester

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester



Iain uses quality and reliable equipment.

Therefore, he brings to the job a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor, which offers great usability and is a powerful partner for any job.

Additionally, his Hayter Lawn Tractor is best for efficient lawn care for various tasks on your land.

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester



By far, the most effective solution to a weed dominated lawn or driveway, is to apply a professional selective herbicide.

Luckily, Iain can help you source the right products so that you can be assured that your weed control choices will produce the best results safely and responsibly.

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester

Tidy Up


Conveniently, Iain offers a one-off tidy up service.

Because sometimes you just need someone to do the tough bit, and help get you started!

Maybe you have a stubborn bramble patch that needs clearing, or a bit too much ivy creeping, or perhaps you’ve just moved in and found that the flower bed is now a bed of weeds!

Whatever the problem, call Iain for some extra muscle.

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester



Do you have a lot of lawn?

Let’s get it mowed with the lawn tractors or petrol push lawn mower, along with roller for those perfect lines.

Next, lets tidy lawn edges which keeps the grass looking neat and prevents it from spreading into borders. 

Gardening Services in Chester

Iain Roberts - Gardening Services in Chester



We offer a strimming service with mindfulness for nature at the forefront.

Iain is safety conscious and has the correct protective gear including helmet, visor and protective eye wear. He can get the stimming job done quickly and effortlessly with his sleeves rolled up, and methodical ‘get the job done’ approach.

Gardening Services in Chester

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Iain Roberts Contract Gardening Services - Chester